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Dog Park Dog - Dynamic Devon

Saturday, March 16, 2019 - "Today was fun. We were able to meet up with Lisa Frost, a fabulous dog behaviorist who fostered Devon awhile and worked with him at Yreka Rescue Ranch.  When on the leash, Devon gets excited to see other dogs, and he comes off aggressive looking even though he's not being aggressive.  Lisa gave Haylee and I some great training and tips to help him be less anxious and more relaxed and happy meeting and walking with other dogs.  Plus, he got some play time with their dogs, and Haylee got to hang out with their horses, goats and chickens.  We even got fresh eggs.  A great time with our favorite doggo."  - Adrianne Stack Moore (Eagle Point, OR)

Dynamic Devon at the Dog Park

March 19, 2019 - "Took Devon to the dog park for the first time this morning for an hour.  He did amazing!  I was a little nervous because of some of his leash behavior but I had no need!  He had the best time, especially with Buddy the young spaniel/lab.  That sassy female poodle put him in his place and he totally respected it.  We met one dog on leash on the way to the dog park and 3 dogs that were off leash (while he was on leash) on the way back to the van.  He was great with everyone.  Thank you so much to Lisa Frost of Pitbulls and Professionals for the training this past weekend.  I would not have felt comfortable enough to do it before this and now I can't wait to take him back!!" - Adrianne Stack Moore (Eagle Point, OR)

Blue Skye's Shinin' on Me.....

March 28, 2019 - We first approached Lisa of PB&P because we needed help.  Our young adult pitty would drag us about while on "walks" and she had an almost uncontrollable prey drive.  She was reactive and unpredictable around other dogs, especially while on leash.  We'd already been through several trainers and day care kennels. The trainers gave us some tools, but we needed more help.

Lisa is passionate about dog care, health and rehabilitation.  She's devoted to those that she's personally rescued and those that she trains.  Our dog has matured wonderfully under her firm yet gentle guidance.  She can walk well on the long line, see prey without tearing off, greet dogs and be interested but not afraid or aggressive.  During doggie day care at PB&P ranch, our girl gets to be a dog, digging for bones and gophers, watching farm animals, and sleeping in the sun wih the pack.  

We appreciate that Lisa:

-Carefully socialized our girl with her pack and then announced that our girl could go to the dog park.  Lisa even personally walked us through how to utilize the dog park safely.

-"Fired the short leash" - instead walking her with a long line.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  Walks became a pleasure 95% of the time.

- Introduced us to B.A.T. training methodology.  This style resulted in improved inter-species communication and helped to bring our intelligent dog out of her shell.

- Taught us about dog nutrition.

Lisa and her husband are wonderful, deeply caring people that we can't say enough about.  - L. and D. H. (Ashland, OR)